Reba is a little mate of Cloud and a very different personality.  At 6 months old, she has a more typical level of puppy energy.  She loves to run and play with toys and be outside.  She is not crazy about people or being a lap dog yet.  She is more prone to curl up in a bed across the room.  She is mostly good with potty training.  Reba does not like being on a leash and will need work (perhaps with a harness) to get used to the idea of being walked.  She needs a securely fenced yard in the mean-time.    Reba will be spayed on 4/4 and is microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.  She did test positive for exposure to anaplasma (a tick-borne disease) but is not symptomatic.  We have put her on a two-week course of doxycycline as a precaution.  

Leo is a double merle Sheltie looking for someone who will be with him all the time.  He was rejected by a breeder and then adopted by a person with a farm, but his lack of hearing seemed dangerous for him to be around horses so he bounced between a couple of other homes who didn’t understand his needs.   Because of all of his moving, Leo has a little bit of insecurity about being left behind.   His primary fear is confinement.  When put in a crate or dog run, he tends to get very vocal about his incarceration.  He flips water and food bowls and yelps and whines.  Fortunately, this trait doesn’t carry to times when he is left in a car.  In the house, he may paw at a door if he knows you are on the other side, but he has shown no real destructive tendencies.  When together with his person, he often likes to be close, sleeping against legs or napping across your lap.   Once he feels secure, he will move on and sleep on the floor or in a dog bed. 
Leo would love to have a playful partner.  He is a friendly and outgoing dog who is not fearful of people or other dogs.   He walks pretty well on a leash but could use a little more training to be focused on forward motion.  His ideal home would have a person who is active (he is less than two years old) and around a lot or willing to take him everywhere.   He loves to ride in the car, especially since it means being with his person.   He has had good house manners but was trained before coming here using a dog door and may need practice to communicate his needs when he settles into a new home.
Leo was recently neutered and chipped.  He is up to date on shots and has had a basic health exam which confirmed that he is mostly deaf and has some minor cloudiness in his eyes.  We believe is vision is mostly very good at this time. 




​Mark is the opposite of Andy.  He is also 10 months old but has a much higher degree of confidence.    Mark still needs time to warm up to people, but he has adapted more quickly than some of the others.  Mostly he has been sweet and playful with all of the other dogs, chasing the ball and romping in the yard with several dogs.  He has shown hints of dominant behavior with other males prior to and just after being neutered.    It may be best for him to be placed as an only dog or with a gentle female companion.  He lived outside a lot and is coat is a little rough, but will be a beautiful light sable.  He has one blue eye but no vision issues.  He has done well with house training.  He is not yet comfortable walking on a leash, so he will need a fenced yard and a patient person to teach him how to use a leash (perhaps with a harness first). He is neutered, chipped and up to date on shots. 


Say Hi to Sam, he’s looking for his new family…….Sam is an 8 year old, handsome 44 lbs. Bi Black sheltie.  While showing shyness at first encounter, he does warm up and is affectionate, wanting pets and rubs. Sam will greet you when you come home and be around you most of the time with tail wagging. 

In typical sheltie fashion, he loves to run in the yard.  Sam runs after the ball with the others, however, he doesn’t know to catch or retrieve it he just likes the running. Sam does know some commands, such as sit, stay, and he is most comfortable on the couch or resting in the kitchen while you are cooking. 

We feel the perfect home for Sam would be in a home that has no other pup in order for him to enjoy life and bond while not being in competition with others.


Lady Jane lived with an elderly couple who were suffering illnesses and moving to a nursing home.  At 10.5, they didn’t want Lady Jane to go to a shelter so they took her to the vet to be euthanized.  The vet convinced them to find a rescue and they couldn’t be more happy about where she ended up.    Lady Jane was severely overweight and continues to work on her weight loss toward an ideal weight that is likely under 25 pounds.   She would be best in a home who can work with her on maintaining a healthy weight and getting regular exercise to keep her joints limber  (slow walk around the block would be enough).  She loves to go for walks, despite having a little bit of knee pain.  The ideal home would have no steps or a ramp she can use since she currently can’t go up stairs.

She is a mellow old gal who is happy to lay on a cool floor by the door or out on the porch.  She is good with house training if she keeps up a regular routine.  For ongoing health care, she will need some arthritis meds and monitoring for urinary infections, but she is currently clear and doing well.   He teeth are in good shape for a dog her age too. 

Cloud is a double merle sheltie puppy who is 6 months old.  As far as we can tell, her hearing is fine, but she does have blindness in one eye.  Cloud is an extremely mellow puppy who loves to cuddle on the lap of a human.  She has the sweetest personality.  Her biggest challenge has been with potty training and her new home will need to work with her on that.  She is not yet leash trained but has started to accept light direction from a lead.  We think she will learn this quickly.   Cloud is spayed, chipped and up to date on all vaccinations.  The vet gave us ointment for her eye as a precaution.  Her future care will need to monitor eye issues but she has otherwise gotten a clean bill of health

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Andy is a 10 month old young man who lived much of his first year outside and his coat is a little rough as a result.  He was part of a very large pack and seems to be lower in the pecking order than others.  He hangs back while others play and is generally very shy.  He is going to need patience to grow into a confident family pet, but he is sweet and seems to like human attention when he allows himself to accept it.    He has done well with house training.  He is not yet comfortable walking on a leash, so he will need a fenced yard and a patient person to teach him how to use a leash (perhaps with a harness first).  He is neutered, chipped and up to date on shots.

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