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Terms of Adoption

Return:  The adopted dog may be returned to LISSR within one week of the date of adoption for full refund of donation if the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption.  After one week from the date of adoption no refund will be given if the dog is returned to LISSR.

Transfer of Ownership:  The adopted dog may not be transferred to any other person for any reason.  If the undersigned adopter is forced to relinquish custody of the dog at any time, said dog will be given only to LISSR.

Refund:  There will be no refund or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the adopter for the adopted dog, even if it is returned to LISSR.

​Health Program:  The adopted dog will be licensed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the dog resides.  The adopted dog must wear an Identification tag at all times.  The adopted dog will be cared for humanely, including good quality food, shelter, and water available twenty-four hours a day.  The dog is to be seen by a veterinarian yearly, given all necessary vaccines, checked for heartworm each spring, stool sample checked for worms every six months, and seen by the vet when ill.  THE DOG IS TO BE EXERCISED IN A FENCED YARD OR ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES AND NOT LEFT FREE TO ROAM.

Reason for adoption:  The adopted dog is to be kept as a house pet; it shall not be used for medical or any other experimental purpose; it shall not be chained or tied, and it shall not be used for breeding.

Loss:  If the adopted dog is lost or stolen, the adopter will notify LISSR immediately so LISSR can help locate the adopted dog.

Reservation of Rights:  LISSR reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the adopted dog.  It is understood that LISSR may examine and will make inquiry about said dog at any time.  If the terms and conditions of the adoption Agreement are not upheld, LISSR reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and to reclaim the dog.

​Return Check Charge:  There will be a $30.00 charge on all returned checks submitted by the adopter.